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Single Page Website

I’ve been hosting for Gary Johston. He just got in contact with me asking why his site was so low in search rankings. I thought that maybe it was because his site wasn’t responsive and didn’t play well with mobile phones. I did a search for “Single Page Website Template” and found Start Bootstrap. I downloaded the Creative theme and modified it for his site. Apparently singe page websites are different from what I was thinking, but this is a pretty cool template anyway.

I had to figure out how to work NPM and Gulp to compile the SCSS. I brought the background picture from the old site. I used a smaller picture to help the site load faster, but it didn’t look good when blown up to full size and with the strings, it was noisy and made the text hard to read. It also was just lighter than the previous picture that came with the site.

I edited _masthead.scss and added a transparent gradient layer above the background image.

    rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8),
    rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8),
    rgba(55, 55, 55, 0.35)
  ), url("../img/header.jpg");

It was tough to get Gulp working. I had to open the gulpfile.js and figure out that the command wasn’t gulp minify-css it was gulp css:minify. It was also incompatible with Linux so I need to run it on my Windows machine using Cygwin. I also had to go to StackOverflow and figure out how to install Gulp properly. I already had NPM installed.

Finally, I’ve got a good looking site, but the search ranking hasn’t improved yet.

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