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Mt. Borah Challenge

Steven just asked a group of us if we would be interested in hiking Mt. Borah this summer. We looked it up. It takes 5 hours to drive there and it’s 7.5 miles up and 7.5 miles back. People hike it in ten to twelve hours. It was said that some people run it in two hours. Of course, we all said, “yes, that’s a great idea.” I’ve done 7 mile days with a backpack on and I’ve walked the Greenbelt, but this will have a 1 mile elevation gain.

My simple thought is to start jogging every day and do a shorter hike to try to be ready and to make sure I can confidently commit to the hike. I went jogging today so that’s a good start!

When jogging in the last few months, my arches have been having trouble and after two or three blocks they were tired. I’ve also had an issue in the past where my shoes were digging into my right shin just above my foot, but it seems that some exercise has helped with the shoe digging into me and a couple of days ago after not jogging for a week or so, my arches weren’t the limiting factor. Now I’m making it four blocks and my lungs and legs are preventing me from jogging farther. Those, I know can be improved through exercise.

I’ve been trying to loose weight and over the last two or three weeks, my weight has been dropping! My high was in early March with 175.2 pounds. Today I’m at 158.4. My goal has been 155 pounds, but that can be modified up or down depending on my body.

I’ve been having problems with high inflammation in my body seen through a high platelet count and low hemoglobin and low red blood cell count both indicating anemia or low iron levels. I’ve also been malnourished. On April 16th, I had a blood test that came back with all results showing normal. This is exciting and giving me the confidence that all I need to do now is exercise like a normal human.

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